Pakistanis Caught Painting Tricolour On Its Shot Down F-16 Aircraft

Report: Parveen Komal 9876442643

Another shameful and black act of Pakistan has surfaced. India’s Brave pilot Abhinandan Vardhman had shot Pakistan’s F16 fighter. Pakistan is embarrassed by this incident. Pakistan’s military officers made a stupid move, trying to make the world a fool by making marks of India’s tricolor on the debris of f-16, but it failed.
Avenging the death of 40 CRPF Jawans, India conducted Surgical Strikes 2 on Pakistan and killed around 300 terrorists. Retaliating to India’s Air Strike, Pakistani F-16 jet violated the Indian air space next day. However, the Indian Air Force shot down the Pakistani F-16 jet 3 km within range of PoK. The Pakistani F-16 then crashed down in PoK.

To save face, Pakistan who has a habit of lying and obfuscating facts, went on to claim that it was not a Pakistani F-16 but instead an Indian jet that Pakistan Air Force shot down. To further its claim, Pakistan govt officials personally went down to the crash site to paint the Indian flag on the impacted jet.

Locals from Pakistan were seen sharing pictures of the crash site on social media. In the pictures, Pakistani officials could be clearly seen painting the crashed F-16 jet in Indian tricolour hours after it was shot down by the Indian Air Force.
Because of this childish act of Pakistani army, the world is joking

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