Virasati city Patiala fully prepared to host the ‘Heritage Festival’ and ‘Craft Fair’: Kumar Amit

Heritage Festival and Craft Fair will become Patiala’s second glory: Kumar Amit

In view of the announcement made by the Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh for the Heritage Festival and Crafts Mela, the legacy and historical city of Patiala has been prepared for the ‘Patiala Virasati Utsav- 2019’ and the Crafts Fair again to complete the preparations.

This information was given by Patiala deputy commissioner Mr. Kumar Amit in the interaction with the journalists at District Administrative Camp here today. On this occasion, Nodal Officer of Kraft Fair and additional deputy commissioner (General) Mr. Shaukat Ahmed Pare and Nodal Officer of Heritage Festival and Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Smt. Poonamadeep Kaur were also present.

Shri Kumar Amit informed that in order to give information about our heritage, culture and rich culture to our future generations, these two festivals, organized by the Punjab Government, in the legacy town of Patiala, under the progressive leadership of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, In the Heritage Festival and Craft Fair, more than 5 lakh audiences are expected to reach more than ever before.

Mr Kumar Amit said that the Patiala Heritage Festival which runs till February 24 will start in Kila Mubarak at 6 pm on February 19 and the craft festival which continues till 3 March will start at 3 PM at Sheesh Mahal later. The deputy commissioner said that Patiala is a heritage town, where legacies are being organized and now by restoring these fairs, the Punjab government has made significant efforts to handle the heritage and art of Punjab.

Mr. Kumar Amit said that the entire management and arrangement of all the arrangements for the smooth functioning of these two major fairs conducted by the District Administration of the Cultural and Tourism Department and the Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development And they have completed preparations for it from every side.

Mr. Shaukat Ahmad Parey, D.C. (Journal) informed that in the Craft Fair, to give a lucrative presentation during the cultural and colorful progress with more than 150 artisans from all the states of the country and with the cooperation of North Regional Cultural Center Nearly 300 artists will reach out to nearly one and a half dozen states.

He said that the items related to handicrafts and crafts in the Kraft Fair will be available for the purchase of ordinary people. Fare tickets have been kept for 10 rupees, which will be used to provide facilities to Fair arrangements and the welfare of Children Home Rajpura.

He told that this fair will be present in other important programs of entertainment, including dancers from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Veena, Nagada, Bharupia, Kachi Ghodi, Baazigar and Puppet Dancing. They said that there will be stalls of cheesy dishes, including about 200 stalls made of sculptures, while swing and pigeon for children and adults will also be a center of attraction. Apart from this, the students of the schools will also give cultural excellence and will participate in various bouts.

A.D.C. (D) Smt. Poonamadeep Kaur informed that on the evening of February 19, the inauguration of the Heritage Mela at Kila Mubarak was presented by Padm Bhushan Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra and from Parvati Dutta, Odisha’s Vibrant Dance Ora ‘Utkal Chamak’ Will be offered. While the end time on the evening of February 24, at NIS Drama ‘Satguru Nanak Pragataya’ based on the birth stories of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, directed by Harbakh Singh Lata, will become the center of special attraction for the light and sound panorama audience.

They informed that on the evening of February 20, at 6.30 in the morning Mubarak, they will present the Tarigal bandi of Padma Shri Ustad Vasafiudin Dagar, Ustad Nishat Khan, Ustad Irshad Khan and Ustad Wajahat Khan, Sitar, Surbahar and Sarod of Etawah Gharana. While this morning, at 11 o’clock, Aviation Club Sangrur Road will have aerodynamic and stunt biking feats.

He said that on February 22, at 11 am, flowers and food festivals will be celebrated at Barandari Bagh and in the evening, various musical performance will be  presented on behalf of Padma Bhushan Pundit Vishva Mohan Bhatt, Mohan Veena and Manganyar Musician from Rajasthan and Rama Vaidyanathan. The presentation of Indian dance will be given.

D.C. told that on February 23, at 7.30am, the heritage building NIS The cycle rally will be taken out from Gurdi Mandi, Kila Mubarak, Court Market, Dharmapura Market, Lions Gate, Sri Kali Devi Temple, Gurdwara Sri Sadashuddha Sahib, Pasi Road, Children Memorial Chowk, through Rink Hall More recently, it will end in Barndari garden. Bicycling polo will be done at 12 noon at Polo Ground. This evening, at 6.30 pm, Y. P.S. Pop singers will be offered at the stadium by pop singer Amy Virk and Jasbir Jassi.

Mr Kumar Amit told that on the day of the end of the day, on February 24, at 2.30 pm, there will be matches of polo in New Polo Ground (Aviation Club) on Sangrur Road and horse pants will be done. While in the evening, “Satguru Nanak Pargateya” light and sound panorama directed by Mr. Harbakh Singh Lata.

The Deputy Commissioner said besides this, photography competition is also being conducted during this festival, whereas in the Sheesh Mahal, from February 19 to March 3, wildlife photography exhibition will be organized on behalf of Amber Jasaran Sandhu of Punjab Wildlife Advisor.

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