Teachers kept Patiala Hostage for 18 hours-IHROP3 demanded FIR

The International Human Rights Association and the Patiala Welfare Association have demanded from the Punjab government to take action against the teachers who abused Patiala citizens, to disturb the peace of the citizens of Patiala, and to protest against the teachers who threatened the Patiala by using the loudspeaker. The institution condemned the crackdown adopted by the teachers and condemned the felony, saying that the teachers had no right that Patiala was kept hostage for 18 hours. While the teachers dissolved the peace of the residents of the Rajpura colony, the students studying in the days of the exam, were also shouting slogans in loud voices by staging a speech and dividing them to the extent that their studies would also be affected, Apart from this, the teacher blocked the entire traffic on the way from the Rajpura colony to Modi College, with the loudspeakers installed on vehicles, so many patients affected by block of public roads and There was also a problem in taking the hospital. Chairman Parveen komal has strong evidence that how teachers are seen threatening the passers-by by putting a speaker on vehicles. It seemed as if there was no such thing as government in the Patiala, the general public was surprised to see a huge crowd of 10 thousand teachers, that no one would be unheard of because the teachers were quite violent. A team of teachers went ahead from the gate of the Shera wala and beat the two scooter riders as they were blowing horn to turn the right and the teachers side by side. The people of Patiala have demanded FIR against law breakers to ensure that such incidents should be stopped in the future, and if such a large number of people from outside gather themselves and break the peace by entering the limits of Patiala, then the deputy commissioner should take help of the army to control them.


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