VHS sensitizes Media professionals to mainstream issues & concerns of TG communities across India


~Day long sub-national event conducted for Media personnel~
IMG-20170419-WA0020Mumbai, April 19th2017: Voluntary Health Services (VHS), Chennai implementing MSA-DIVA Project
with the support of Save the Children International in collaboration with Mumbai District AIDS Control Society & Darpan Foundation today conducted a sub-national media event on issues
affecting TG/Hijra people in India. The Multi-Country South Asia (MSA) Regional HIV Programme of
VHS aims to reduce the impact of HIV on Transgender / Hijra populations through capacity building, sensitisation and advocacy initiatives. The VHS-MSA DIVA project operates in the entire country (except North East).
Dr.Shrikala Acharya, Additional Project Director, MDACS & Dr. Adarsh Mishra, Head – Indian Centre for CSR, Mumbai inaugurated the event and expressed that such a workshop is the first of its kind and emphasized on the need for media involvement in highlighting positive messages about TG/Hijra people. Media persons from Punjab, Chandigarh, Rajasthan Gujarat, Maharashtra & Transgender / Hijra CBO leaders & community representatives from Maharashtra, Chandigarh & Mumbai also participated in the event & gained insights on the human rights and mainstreaming issues of TG/ Hijra community.
The facilitator hailing from the transgender community itself, Mx. Dhananjay hed light on the
lifestyle, culture & dynamics of the hijra population in India. With a series of brainstorming sessions between the TG community, facilitators & media persons, some positive and effective means to
highlight & resolve the prevailing issues were laid down. Mx. Dhananjay reiterated on the improvement of policy environment & upgradation of the strategic
knowledge about the impact of HIV on TG/ Hijra Population in India including the rights and laws
that protect TG/Hijra people. The initiative tends to orient the media professionals by acquiring the
requisite knowledge and skills on releasing & publishing positive stories and enhancing the media presence for the stigma & challenges of the TG community in India. With the MSA Project, VHS initiates to streamline the issues & concerns of Transgender by seamlessly addressing the vulnerability of Transgender & endeavouring to reduce the impact of HIV amongst the Transgender/Hijra communities.
The program has facilitated by R.K.Sivaji, Regional Manager, VHS MSA DIVA project, Chennai.

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